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Vision2Life made my website more flexible...
Armando stays a step ahead of technology and passes the benefits of his research
and expertise onto his clients. He generates web sites and content in a way that makes maintenance and future changes easier, faster, and less expensive. He helped me make my site much more flexible, professional, and interactive. His technical prowess paired with his (wife) partner's creative inspirations prove an unbeatable one-two punch for web design, internet publishing, and hosting.
Ryan George  (graphic designer)  www.biplaneproductions.com

Gorgeous designs separate Vision2Life from the pack.
 Armando excels at bringing ideas into reality with websites. Through his easy
going personality he communicates with clients about what's essential
and what is fluff for their website. His execution at Vision2Life Designs with
crucial pieces like Search Engine Optimization, dynamic sites that can be
updated by the client, and gorgeous design are what separates Armando
from the rest of the pack.
Dan Portnoy (Portnoy Media Group)  www.portnoymediagroup.com

Thanks again for all the hard work!
Tell your wife she has amazing graphic skills. Derek Finch (Professional Carpet Systems) lynchburg, forest carpet cleaning service
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